I am concerned though!

I am concerned that you won't act in time. Let me explain.

You seem to be about to begin a wonderful, eye-opening journey during which everything will seem to fall into place. I know this might be hard for you to believe, especially because you're going through some tough times right now.

But a very powerful and prophetic Window of Opportunity is about to open for you. If used properly -- and not abused - the upcoming period of time will result in your own, personal "MIDAS TOUCH." As a result, you will find yourself in situations in which everything you handle can provide you with a great deal of WEALTH and PERSONAL SATISFACTION.

But you need to act NOW, because this Window of Opportunity is open for only a short period of time. If you miss it, you may never experience another one in your lifetime.

You are moving quickly through this period, so it wouldn't surprise me if you are experiencing some confusion and turmoil in your life right now. But a valuable chance is becoming available to you, one that might lead you toward benefiting from it! You could find yourself moving from disorder and disaster toward happiness and unimaginable serenity. You could also find yourself attracting much abundance.

Now I have to let you know that I really need to be there for you . . . to help guide you along this upcoming journey so you can get the most out of the opportunities that are slated to come your way!


I can direct you toward your road of riches. With my guidance you could gain insights on how and when to form partnerships or find jobs that could bring you many financial and personal bonuses, and help lead you to new love, better health. . . and a more comfortable life, and provide you with even more. . . by teaching you how to handle this new life and help you make the most of it.

Take just a moment to imagine what it would be like to be independently wealthy for the rest of your life. What would you do with all that money? Maybe go on extended vacations any time you wanted to. Own property, maybe? Provide for your children and their children? The list of what you can do with all that money is endless!

Also keep in mind that the path to happiness is more than just monetary riches. Think about a life in which you awaken each morning to greet each day with a smile, because you KNOW good things will happen to you! Picture yourself experiencing such a day in which all your spiritual and emotional traffic lights are green, meaning you sail through with no roadblocks!

Imagine yourself walking into a room and automatically being the focal point of attention because your serenity has become so attractive to others. Furthermore, picture yourself being able to WEATHER DIFFICULT TIMES WITH EASE because you know that better days are just around the corner!

I'm THRILLED that I was able to reach you in time to tell you about the wonderful Window of Opportunity that is about to open on your life. But I would be distressed if somehow you missed out on what could soon happen in your life.

I don't want that to happen. So to help you to take advantage of your upcoming opportunities I am going to prepare for you several comprehensive life changing guides.

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  • Reading 7: Your Passion, Drive, and Pursuits
  • Reading 8: Your Greater Fortune, Higher Purpose and Career Path
  • Reading 9: Your Life's Lessons and Your Soul's Path
  • Reading 10: Your Generation and How You Fit In (a $300.00 value)
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