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past lives |  you knew that - how?

How familiar are you with your possible past lives? Have you ever thought to yourself "I have been here before" "I know this person from somewhere else"? Do you display talents or skills for which you have really had no training? There’s an explanation.

Many people have found that knowledge of their past lives is healing. It can provide insight, increased awareness, and a deeper understanding of the nature of Self. Many unresolved emotional issues that are carried from one life to another can help guide your direction or be an obstacle in your path.

Astrologers have begun looking at our natal charts as an evolutionary object; a picture of an energy that is moving through time, growing and changing with each new natal experience. Our Past Lives natal chart report helps to explain for each of us those experiences, feelings, the knowledge, and skills that we just cannot explain.

A Past Lives personal report is a window that lets you look backwards, across the spectrum of time to see the foundation of who you are today. This is an interpretation of your own karmic development as viewed through your personal natal chart. It will tell you "who" and "what" you have been, and how you’re past experiences and events helped shape the you that is today. These revelations may answer questions that have troubled you or unlock potential that you have perhaps felt, but never realized in your present existence.

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