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Name:George Clooney

Birth Date: May 6, 1961

Birth Time: 2:58 AM

Your Unique, Personalised Birth Chart Report, in which we take into account your time, place and date of birth, gives you an insight into what you are made of, what drives you, your strengths and weaknesses. How do we find out? We use the age-old knowledge of astrology. Astrology works with 10 planets that all have a very personal meaning for you. You can find out what they mean to you in the descriptions below. The planets are placed in signs, for example Venus in Aries and this gives colour to your love planet Venus, which will work out in a certain way. But these planets are also placed in houses, these are concrete living conditions, in which the planetary energy will be active. For example, in house two, it will affect your money income. Furthermore, planets are in contact with each other, the so-called aspects.

What you should know when reading your Birth Chart Report

This horoscope below contains a number of features, innate characteristics, that will be recognisable throughout your life. While reading this report you may come across seemingly contradictory influences, which may make it difficult for you to reconcile these parts. Yet this does not mean that you have an incorrect horoscope in front of you. Because... like human beings, a horoscope is made up of contradictions. There is no black or white. You too experience conflicting desires, situations and circumstances in your life and this is reflected in your horoscope. We hope you will enjoy your astrological journey.

Planets and advanced points in signs

Your Sun Sign

The Sun is the source of all life, radiating light, warmth and strength. In your horoscope the Sun represents life force, your inner stability, your awareness of self-worth and dignity and your ability to remain yourself in all circumstances. How do you try to assert yourself and how do you try to shine? Your zodiac sign provides the answer.

Sun in Taurus

Objectives: to make money
Ego: affectionate, stubborn, competent
Personality: indolent, voluptuous
Ruling Planet: Venus

With the Sun in Taurus you are very patient and you let everything go its course. Others may have a hard time with your slower rhythm, but then they work less carefully than you do. You simply just adore good food. That's why you need to help maintain a healthy weight. You can also be very lazy, so you have to force yourself to take care of things that have to happen.  You will usually try to avoid exciting situations. People love you because of your sensitive side. Also, you are usually very accommodating, but if you go too far, you can be really angry. Don't do or say things you may regret later. In professional life you will always want to see concrete results, which usually means money. With abstract goals you usually have a harder time.

Your Moon Sign

Sentiment, roots and family

The Moon symbolizes all contents of yourself that are difficult to control. It is this area that in dreams vague wishes and premonitions come to the surface and also enforce their right to exist. The Moon symbolizes the subconscious, which we cannot ignore. The Moon makes us dreamy, receptive and imaginative.

The position of the Moon in your horoscope is a very important fact and tells you a bit more about your routines, reactions and instincts. It shows how you express yourself and how you deal with emotions. In your private sphere, this position of the Moon reflects your deepest needs. Thanks to the placement of this Moon you can find out how you can feel more emotionally resilient. The Moon moves 2 to 3 degrees forward every day. 

Moon in Capricorn

You're rather the serious and shy type. People will judge you older than you are for the rest of your life, because you are less concerned with unimportant matters. Above all, you want to achieve something, because then you feel good about yourself. Your own feelings will sometimes annoy you, because you usually have more difficulties with it than fun. Because of this it will be more difficult for you to show your affection towards others. In your life, your parents are very important, because these people can serve as an example for you. If you have a good relationship with them, then you look up to someone else. Between your emotional and practical needs, you always choose the latter. That is why it would be advisable to let your emotionality play out more, because without feelings of love and security you can never be completely satisfied. As you grow older, you will want to occupy an important position. For this you want to work hard. However, if you do not like it, you can express a lot of criticism. It is important to be able to mitigate this self-criticism.

With the Moon in Capricorn you do not like risks, you always choose for safety in life. So it can happen that you have a profession that is in line with your parents or that you plan very far ahead in time. You are therefore the first to take out life insurance or to save for retirement.

Your Mercury Sign

Mercury symbolises the intelligence, communication, siblings, your close environment, logic, facts, interests, education, learning, knowing, organising, planning, agreeing, contracts, selling, negotiating, travelling, being on the road, and so on. It is with Mercury that we 'learn' and that we make contact with things and people. Everything we know through our senses is influenced by Mercury.

Mercury in Taurus

These are the go-getters of the zodiac: you are difficult to convince, but once you have made a decision, you will stick to it no matter what. You start new projects with caution, but once your goal is established, you go all the way. In order to achieve those goals, you mainly use your empirical judgement and you do not often allow yourself to be misled by (wrong) advice from others. In your communication you can be perceived calculated and even a bit short, because you want to weigh your words. The advantage here is that others will actually listen to what you have to say. The satirical tone that is often contained in your communication gives it a humorous touch. People with this trait have a refined taste. They have an excellent sense of smell, a refined sense of colour and a soft touch. In your studies you should see a practical usefulness for the subject matter you have to deal with, because for you, it is more difficult to deal with more abstract matters. The most important thing for people with Taurus as their Mercury sign is their attitude towards what they’re learning and the use of those subjects in their future endeavours.

Your Venus Sign

Venus symbolises the ability to commit to something or someone. She is the symbol of all yin qualities: harmony, love, tenderness, kindness. She manifests her energy in a strive for union and identification. In a superlative form, this planet shows itself in the form of art or artistic talent.

Venus in Aries

You cherish warm feelings for others. You possess a big heart that quickly catches on fire and then just as quickly fades. You absolutely cannot stand being pinned down, you want to love in your own way. Restlessness and always looking for new challenges are the key words of this constellation. With ‘your’ Venus in Aries, you take initiative during your interactions with others. It is very difficult for you not to flirt during a night out with friends. Not that one should expect you to put your money where your mouth is, a serious flirtation usually means nothing more than a way to pass the time. Falling in love is something that happens to you quite a lot in your life. Strong feelings overwhelm you from time to time. Usually you resist these temptations by throwing yourself into sports or other physical challenges. Because you know that these sudden infatuations blow over at the same speed. You say what you have to say and stand up for your opinions. 

With this placement of Venus in Aries, you have a somewhat childish way of dealing with love. You are open, direct and honest with your partner and do not like manipulation and games within your relationship, unless of course it is for fun. You don't like commitments that are too serious, it has to remain fun and stimulating. When you flirt, you approach that person very openly and you show them how independent you are. The risk arises that the flirting actually revolves too much around you, but the right person will find this charming. Others will be inspired by your innocent aura, although you can sometimes come across as childish and impatient.

If you have been unfaithful, chances are you will come clean to your significant other. Forgive and forget, that is your motto. In love affairs you are not prepared to be lenient. You are naturally found attractive. Being yourself in all circumstances is an innate talent of people born under this constellation. You like taking risks and find it exciting to meet new people. At the end of your life, you will have had several partners. Men with this position are attracted to independent, ambitious men or women and enjoy the mutual freedom that such relationships provide them with. Women strongly dislike dependency in a relationship. With this planetary position, they appreciate your honesty and directness.

If you want to win over a person with Venus in Aries, you will have to be open and honest with them, just like they are. They do not like manipulation, but spontaneity and playfulness. You will have to stimulate them with fun things and fresh ideas, otherwise they will quickly become bored. They love competition, even within a relationship, which can be tiring.

Your Mars Sign

Mars symbolises labour, vigour, energy, dynamic behaviour, action, movement, change, initiative, sexual instinct. Moreover, the placement of Mars in your horoscope tells you a little more about what kind of jobs suit you best and how you express your energy in your professional life.

Mars in Leo

With Mars in Leo, your level of pride depends on your professional achievements. You assign a great deal of importance to your work and you walk around with the feeling that your work is of great value to your surroundings. With this planetary position you can keep up your efforts in the long run, also because there is a lot of passion involved. You are a proud person and everyone around you knows it. You’re no stranger to taking risks, because you see your career as a game that you must win no matter what. A management function is therefore ideal for you.

How do you succeed professionally?

You are a perseverant person and ‘giving up’ is completely foreign to you. You lead with authority and strength.  Because of your perseverance you usually achieve all your goals. Everything you do, you do with passion and this will translate itself into exceptional results. Your work should reflect your pride, some might call you idealistic. You don’t take criticism well, because you put your heart and soul into your every action.

Your Jupiter Sign

In astrology, the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter, is known as the benefactor that provides us with opportunities, wealth and happiness. Jupiter is the enthusiastic who announces (spiritual and physical) growth and healing power. 

Jupiter in Aquarius

Your (bad) luck in this life

With Jupiter against the background of the innovative and progressive sign of Aquarius, you will want to integrate progressive views and ideas. According to you, traditional views have clearly had their day and can no longer charm you. You believe in the future and have a clear vision of what a future society should look like. Although you are essentially an individualist, in the sense that you hold very personal views, you still think in terms of your fellow man. You prefer that every individual, regardless of his or her origin, has a good time. You are humane and open-minded and you surround yourself with friends with whom you can exchange thoughts. Real kindred spirits. Conversely, you will learn a lot from them and they may help you in life, because you owe your prosperity to the cooperation with others. Groups of like-minded people, associations, political parties, etc., they can all be fertile ground for you. In the course of your life, you will receive golden tips from loyal friends and acquaintances. From this can also come the stimulus to start new projects and to expand your technical and scientific baggage, with which you can then earn your money. By continuing to explore advanced techniques, you will make good progress. Before you are 'in', you will have to be patient, because your financial progress is rather slow. On a material level, there will be unexpected ups and downs. Unfortunately, you will have to learn to live with these sudden fluctuations.

What makes you really happy?

• you cannot live without your freedom
• you need to have space to show off your inventiveness
• by working together with others who have a similar vision
• by deciding for yourself what you want to do
• by distinguishing yourself from others
• when you can share your ideas with like-minded people
• when you find a partner/lover who is also your best friend

How do you attract financial prosperity?

You let your intuition guide you in the first place. An original idea may be enough to give you material prosperity. You excel in scientific and/or technological knowledge and this can ultimately translate into financial gain. In order to be financially stronger, you will form associations with acquaintances and friends and, conversely, you will call on them when you have financial problems.

What career is right for you?

You have an enormous preference for anything where new technologies are developed and/or applied. You can work in aerospace, railways and postal services, radio and television, computer technology and the latest media. You are also attracted to the publishing world, the press, bookshops, the film industry, electrical engineering, and so on.

Don’t forget

You’re a born rebel. This will often cause anger among business and financial partners. Moreover, you are rather impulsive and inclined to bite off more than you can chew. Try to keep both feet on the ground as you can lose sight of reality. Oblige yourself to complete all tasks and assignments.

Your Saturn Sign

We can consider Saturn as a key planet, which is the base of a person's evolution. It is the planet of responsibility, conscientiousness, discipline, repentance, limitation, deepening and thoroughness. With Saturn, we learn to obey before wanting to command.

Saturn in Capricorn 

Saturn returns home to its own sign in your birth chart: Capricorn. That means this planet is in the best shape to create discipline and responsibility. Your sense of duty is great. On a social and spiritual level, you can achieve greatness. You have an eye for concrete and practical approaches, for perseverance and concentration. You tend to be a bit conservative and traditional. Saturn in Capricorn makes you a born perfectionist. You strive to be perfect in everything you do, and as a result, you are constantly running against the clock. You have a need to fulfil a valued role. Unfortunately it will be very difficult, if not impossible, for you to gain social recognition. You may be deprived of the means to promote yourself, and so you will have to settle for a subordinate job in which you will have to follow the rules closely. Physical limitations may prevent you from achieving your goals in this life. You’re drowning in duties and responsibilities and you live in constant fear of losing control. That makes you lose faith in others and end up shunning people, resulting in loneliness as your only companion. Life is hard, and this placement doesn’t help you at all. You keep doubting your own abilities and you do not dare to take up certain challenges, although you undoubtedly have the capability to do so. Your professional career may end prematurely. Difficult circumstances and setbacks impede your progress.

Your Uranus Sign

Your inner rebel

The eccentric Uranus, the ruling planet of the sign of Aquarius, is connected to the 11th house in your horoscope. On average, this planet stays in the same zodiac sign for 7 years. We call Uranus a generational planet, as this planet stays in one sign for a longer period of time. Generally speaking, the slower the planet is, the less important the definition of Uranus in the sign becomes, and the more important the definition of Uranus in the houses is. Uranus stands for freedom, brotherhood, independence, association and intuition.

Uranus in Leo

Did Uranus find itself in Leo at your birth? If so, freedom and self-expression are your most precious possessions. Authenticity and individual creativity are also a part of this, according to most of your peers. You are quick to open your heart to most people, even though they are not always worthy of it. Broken hearts are not out of the question. You feel a strong urge to leave your mark on the world and you do not tolerate interference from traditional authoritarian figures who do not allow change, especially when they try to influence you. You are only too happy to go against the usual codes of conduct. In addition, you stood undoubtedly first in line when the entrepreneurial spirit was being handed out and you are not afraid to take big risks. Despite your desire for success, you have little self-discipline, which can be an obstacle in achieving your goals. Your insatiable thirst for adventure is certainly part of the reason. You are straightforward and you insist that others adopt the same attitude, which unfortunately is not always the case.

Long story short

New ideas regarding love and sexuality make this generation long for more freedom. It is the generation that makes sexuality a mundane topic of conversation. Your open attitude to relationships makes you even preach free love. You’re an experimental lover and banish taboos about sex. Your generation has a very original view on art and self-development, and values freedom above all else. You experience it as a liberating necessity to be more relaxed about obligations towards children.

Your Neptune Sign

Generational planet Neptune, the ruling planet of the sign of Pisces and ruler of the 12th house of your horoscope, takes about 164 years to complete the zodiac circle and thus resides 13 years in each zodiac sign. That is why the interpretation of Neptune in your horoscope applies to a whole generation rather than to one single person. Generally speaking, the slower the planet is, the less important the definition of Neptune in the sign becomes, and the more important the definition of Neptune in the houses is.

Neptune, in search of unification

Neptune stirs up our social consciousness. Idealism, modesty, service and hypersensitivity to injustice: these are just some of the characteristics of this planet. Neptune is also associated with your intuition and your subconscious: all the processes that we carry out every day without thinking about it always have a deeper motive. In other words, Neptune brings the invisible to the surface, everything that has long been hidden finally sees the light of day and confronts you with reality. You can consider Neptune as the planet of the highest evolution, which makes you strive for the unification of the 'I' with others by putting your own desires last. The ego dissolves into the humanitarian goal.

Neptune in Scorpio

If you were born between 1955 and 1970, Neptune was placed in Scorpio when you came into this world. As a result, your generation is one of sexual revolution, strongly influenced by new (sub)cultures and all the pleasures that come with it. Your generation is synonymous for earthly riches, you like to experiment with everything that comes your way. Parapsychological activities are also part of that. You are essentially very serious, yet you dare to dig deeper than what is presented to you in mainstream circles. With Neptune in Scorpio, you usually feel obliged to bring secrets to light, if it is in the public interest at least. You also have a great deal of self-control, which can be a result of your research into psychological insights. You have a tendency to explain the behaviour and personality of others, which is not always appreciated.

You belong to a generation that, after the hippie era, searched for a deeper meaning and came to a different discovery of sexuality. The evocation of sexuality in advertising became a reality from your ‘time’ onwards. Your generation is fundamentally influenced by electronic music. Many of the artists of this time period have influenced the masses through their work. You develop a fear of pollution and you want to do something about it.

Your Pluto Sign

Pluto is what they call a generational planet, because this planet stays in one sign for a long period of time. In general, we can say that the slower the planet is, the less important the definition of Pluto in the sign becomes, and the more important the definition of Pluto in the houses is.

Pluto, your own transformation

The profound planet Pluto rules the sign of Scorpio and is connected to the 8th house in your horoscope. It takes Pluto 248 years to travel through the entire zodiac and therefore this planet spends about 20.5 years in the same sign. Pluto stands for transformation, unmasking and willpower.

Pluto in Virgo

With Pluto in Virgo, this generation throws itself into perfecting the little things. The development of medicine and technology can also be included here.. Everything is reduced and perfected. You and your contemporaries are focusing on profound reforms of society's attitude to work, service and responsibility. Your generation also aims to check and test the purity of food. Contraceptives make a huge difference for this generation, because in this way, for the first time in humanity, fertility is stopped in an artificial way.

On a personal note, with this cosmic constellation you strive for security and personal recognition. Power and status are of little or no interest to you. Introducing radical changes regarding personal health and nutrition are your priority. You are eager to learn and you can rely on unseen powers of observation. Whatever your goals, you are never careless or impulsive, but rather fanatical and detail oriented. In any case, you get to the heart of the matter. You are not afraid to expose secrets. With Pluto in Virgo, your generation is also known for its critical attitude. You are very interested in meditation and other relaxation methods, but you always stay down to earth. 

Chiron in your birth chart

In your birth chart, the position of the planetoid Chiron - the wounded healer - gives you information about the areas in which you feel inadequate or hurt and through which learning processes you can gain wisdom and acceptance.

Chiron in Pisces

If Chiron is placed in Pisces in your birth chart, you are dealing with conflicting desires. On the one hand you long for a more developed consciousness, but on the other hand you would like to disappear, to 'dissolve', to fade away a bit. Even as a child you have been aware that there is more between heaven and earth than you were told by your parents. There was not much room for spirituality in your childhood. You may have had drug or alcohol problems as a child, or even as you got older. A little stress can be enough for you to long for the primordial soup, the pre-birth stage in this dark world. And this longing for non-being causes great difficulty in defining your own boundaries and limitations. It is good to listen to your intuition, to open up to what the cosmos has to tell you, but what Chiron in Pisces also has to learn is to realise your own individuality, you have to 'ground' yourself.

Black Moon Lilith

The meaning of the Black Moon Lilith in your birth chart

We all have dark sides and we are confronted with them several times in our lives. Repulsion and attraction characterise the Black Moon Lilith. The Black Moon represents an unconscious memory of our past, dark deeds in a previous life. In our present life, Lilith will act as a brake/blocker. The Black Moon is the empty point of the moon's orbit around the earth and is connected with traumatic experiences in a past life.

Black Moon Lilith in Leo

Let go of your ego

In the egocentric sign of Leo, the Black Moon causes a field of tension in that area. You want to profile yourself far too emphatically by constantly attracting all the attention to yourself. You probably think of yourself that this honour is all yours, because you simply consider yourself better than others. You always want to stand out. Although you do not realise it, you are glorifying yourself, which of course causes you to be opposed by those around you. You want to gain prestige and power so that you can make your mark on the lives of those around you. You do not shy away from authoritarian behaviour in order to increase the pressure.

If, in the course of your life, you do not want to clash too much with all those who are dear to you, you will have to learn to understand that they too have their priorities and their freedom to live their own lives. You cannot restrict others. The Black Moon in Leo stimulates your creative talents, allowing you to work your way into the limelight.

The Lunar Nodes: uncovering your soul purpose

As human beings we are all looking for a goal in our lives. There are times when we feel totally lost, not knowing where to head up. What should we do? Where to go from here? What is the purpose of our lives? Why do we encounter certain experiences? In astrology, we see a life evolution line in the horoscope, namely from where we have come and where we will evolve to. This is the Lunar Node Axis, which has a South Node and a North Node.

The South Node gives indications about a previous life and the qualities, which we have developed too much. Qualities, which become too strong, will slow down our evolution. That is why the qualities of the South Node should be reduced. For example, if you have had some previous lives as a soldier, then you can stand up for yourself, strike hard and kill without compassion. If you were to continue this trend, you would grow even further into a cruel and ruthless fighting machine. So, the time to change course has come.

Directly opposite the South Node is the North Node. This one ultimately indicates where we must evolve to. In our present life, we will occasionally experience a major setback, which will prompt us to evolve in another direction. The purpose of your life is the evolution that lies behind it. Evolve from what you have been to the opposite characteristics. Get to know the South and North Moon Nodes in your horoscope and find out the purpose of your life.

Your South Node is placed in Pisces

The karma of usefulness

In your previous life, you were not so concerned with being responsible or have your life together, so you were very careless with people and your possessions. You had turned your back on the world and lived in a state of submission. It’s safe to say that it wasn’t easy. You probably suffered greatly under prevailing circumstances, resulting in giving up all hope. It is possible that you lived in isolation, perhaps in a monastery or an abbey, with your gaze directed upwards, pursuing mainly religious goals. You had little interest in earthly reality, or maybe you even were a victim of e certain situation.  Perhaps you were ill, so that you could not participate in the active social and professional life, or you were a prisoner who was cut off from the rest of the world. So in the present life, you may feel totally unarmed and unprepared to face reality, and the memories of confinement or suffering will plunge you into a number of psychological conflicts in the first part of your life. With your South Node in Pisces, you will try to avoid many responsibilities and it seems that you want to escape reality any time you get the chance. Some will use stimulants or drugs for this purpose, but others may wallow in their sickness, either physical or psychological. Either way, these methods only increase your dependence on others. You will also be held captive by many dreams and vague desires. This means that you live in a fantasy world and always hope for better, but never do anything to accomplish that. Chances are that you studies will stay unfinished and you will marry at a young age, motivated by your desire for a better future. But everyone knows that marriage is no guarantee for that. Uncertainty and confusion are the keywords in your everyday life.

Your North Node is placed in Virgo

Your purpose in life 

Your mission will be to learn to create order in your life. Due to the fact that you are very often confronted with lingering health problems, you will be forced to take a close look at your lifestyle in the long. You need to find a healthier way of living, so that your general state of health will be restored to an acceptable level. The confusion will fade as the years go by. You will also develop an analytical and critical mind: you will no longer naively believe just, you will require concrete evidence before you put your fate in someone or something. Many people whose North Node is placed in Virgo work in healthcare or try to be useful to others in a different way. You will still encounter certain limitations in your present life, like your sometimes fragile state of health, but with the wealth you gain and your self-knowledge, you will be able to cope with this to a large extent.

In the second half of your life, you will try to make yourself useful, you will develop certain skills and you will also appear to acquire a competence in a specific discipline. Your goodness will know its limitations, because you suddenly realise that you are not meant to only serve in the dreams of others. You shouldn’t be a victim or a captive in your own life, especially not in a marriage, unfortunately that will most likely be the case at some point in your life. At a young age you allow yourself to be influenced, persuaded and carried along all too easily, so that afterwards you regret it and feel like a mere victim. Even if you want to help other people, you will have to acquire the necessary skills and thus carry out studies in order to do that. You can’t just lay back and feel sorry for yourself. You already have talents from a previous life, and these are very often located in the psychological, spiritual or artistic field. In this life, you will have to put in the necessary effort and work in order to reach a high level. 

Part of Fortune in Gemini

Harvesting success through an intelligent and self-confident approach to life. Your relationship with close relatives is very important.

Vesta in the zodiac signs

Vesta, the second largest and brightest asteroid in the asteroid belt, was discovered in 1807. In a chart, Vesta represents what is sacred to you. Vesta relates to work, devotion, spiritual practices, sacrifice and solitude. Specifically, Vesta's placement in the zodiac signs describes what you need to sacrifice or set aside. Vesta in your horoscope additionally gives a clue about how you express your sexual energy. For example, a blocked Vesta is found in workaholics, who sacrifice their social and family life to achieve a certain career goal. If we extend this to sexual expression, it can be blocked (having an aversion to sex) or even encourage licentious behaviour. 

Vesta in Aries 

You possess a very high level of dedication in terms of your work. With Vesta in Aries, you are headstrong and you have a strong need for independence. You can give your best when you can work alone and implement your own ideas. But... you can become so intensely absorbed in your work that there is no room left for anything else. Your social life or your relationship may suffer. So with Vesta in Aries, you can achieve a lot but in terms of relationships, things don't run as smoothly. And this can lead to frustrations.

Planets and advanced points in Houses

Planets in houses

In addition to the placement of the planets in the zodiac signs, each planet is also placed in a house. The birth chart consists mainly of 12 areas of life, domains, also called houses. Each house represents a different area of your life, such as your work, your family, your finances, and so on. Discover below the meaning of the position of the planets in the houses in your personal horoscope.

Sun in house 3

With the Sun placed in your 3rd House you are a very active person with fast intelligence. You also have a great innate curiosity. You talk a lot, sometimes when you don't have anything to say at all. Because of this you can get bored of others. This is because you are so restless. You like to wander around and get to know new things. At school it will often be difficult to keep your attention during the courses. In the meantime, you are on a mental wanderings. You are always tapping into new subjects so that you may have a hard time specialising in one area. As you get older, communication will play a greater role in your professional activities. You love games, quizzes and riddles. Your family members will play an important role in your life. You will probably learn a lot from a certain person in your immediate circle.

You experience a great curiosity; you always want to learn more. You will put a lot of effort into studies and all kinds of programmes in which you learn things. Communication and travel also remain very important to you. You put a lot of effort into your immediate environment. This is also the case with neighbours and friends. With your knowledge and skills you will become an authority in this life.

Moon in house 12

With the Moon placed in your 12th House you like to retreat. You won't always be in the front line, quite the contrary. You experience a great fear of being hurt. Many people look at you as lonely and emotionally withdrawn. It is difficult to express your feelings. Certain experiences can hurt you very much. Already in your childhood you may have had the feeling that you have not received sufficient security. This has left its mark on your personality. You will process the problems of everyday life deep inside yourself. Just as often you will divert them. Daily statements and everyday things can hurt you deeply. Most of the time, however, you will not show that. You have a great need to have mystical experiences. That is why meditation will be very important to you.

Mercury in house 3

With Mercury placed in your 3rd House you are a quick thinker. You will study a lot in the course of your life, sometimes things that are so diverse, things that are very far apart.  You are an original, agile thinker. You want to communicate with the people around you. Talking is very important. You find new information and discover many new things. You are very curious. Thanks to your great intelligence you can achieve success in any direction if you put in enough effort and concentrate well. Communication with siblings is important, but so is your curiosity for information in newspapers, magazines, etc.

Venus in house 2

With Venus placed in your 2nd House you get financial benefits. You will, as it were, always enjoy financial protection. You will never run out of money. If there is ever a problem, you will be jumped at. Your financial situation evolves favourably in the course of your life. You will be able to build up security. Your relationship will have an important and positive influence on your financial situation. Moreover, your social relations and your circle of acquaintances will give you certain privileges. With this status, your spouse will receive more financial benefits than ever before. They will even have a certain level of wealth. You also attach great importance to property. You can enjoy it and spend a lot of money on it. You have many talents and opportunities to earn money. Through art, beauty and care you can make money. When you invest money, you will usually get a good return. 

Mars in house 6

With Mars in House 6 you have the power to work hard as long as you can determine the course of your work yourself. You are certainly disciplined, but you experience displeasure when you have to work with people you think know less than yourself. People with Mars in House 6 therefore prefer to be their own boss. But if you are your own boss, don't be too critical of your employees. A very critical attitude brings disharmony and a lot of problems into the company. Try to express your feelings and not get stuck with problems because this can lead to all kinds of physical ailments.

Jupiter in house 12

With Jupiter placed in your 12th House you are jovial, helpful human being. and you always take the side of the underprivileged. You tend to be philanthropic and have great faith in the future. You see your own development as a result of the progress of the group. Being in the centre of attention is not so much a need. You like to watch and you will offer help where necessary. Jupiter in House 12 can also indicate sloppiness and/or waste. This can partly be helped by being alert.

Saturn in house 12

With Saturn placed in your 12th House you experience a fear of change. In such situations you don't know how to act and it seems as if all the experiences you have had are suddenly lost. You often get the feeling that the others are better than you are. Try to banish negativity. Think of yourself as an important individual who can and wants to achieve success. If your colleagues encourage you, take this seriously. Once you have mastered this lesson, you will see that your life has become much easier.

Uranus in house 7

With Uranus placed in your 7th House you want to enjoy as much freedom as possible. You don't really realise that you can't do what you want in a relationship. Do not shirk your responsibilities. First find out what you really want in your relationship. If you don't, you will see your relationship as an obligation. Don't see a relationship as a field of tension. You like to be stimulated, but this is not the way to maintain a lasting relationship. 

Neptune in house 9

With Neptune placed in House 9 it is difficult for you to keep your feet on the ground. You dream of unworldly places because you don't find the real world interesting enough. You often escape serious problems because your head is in the clouds. Make sure that you don't always run away from your problems. It is on this world that you live, whether you want it or not. Try to feel at home on this planet. You appreciate your fellow human beings, plants, animals,...and you take care of them very carefully.  

Pluto in house 7

With Pluto placed in your 7th House your contacts largely determine who you are. Opinions of others are important to you. You see this as a reason to change yourself. It is also possible that you are trying to change your loved ones. You have to realise that everyone is a unique person and that they are as they are. You also have to realise this for yourself. You are who you are. Don't let yourself be changed by what others want from you. Because your contacts consist mainly of strong figures, this is not always obvious.

Chiron in House 1

It has been difficult for you to be yourself, to become aware of your own gifts and to stand up for yourself. But if you manage to apply the message of Chiron by changing your self-perception, you will be able to accept and confirm other people's worth.

Lilith or the Black Moon in house 6

Emotions are out of the question with you, so it is not surprising that an imbalance arises in your life in this way. In the intimate sphere you will completely block and your cool, distant attitude will seriously hamper your love life. Sex can be a real turn-off for you. You have a love-hate relationship with your work, because on the one hand you are addicted to it, but on the other hand it will never give you full satisfaction. Time and again you will be convinced that you are not fulfilling or that it is not really the work you want to do. You will be permanently tormented by the thought that you cannot fully meet the demands of your employer. Yet you will always keep going because otherwise you would feel guilty. 

North Node in House 7

Past lives have given you a sturdy ego. Now you must learn to share that past self-confidence and honour in relationship to others, rather than in competition. Because your fighting spirit also stems from past lives, you do not give up your ego lightly. 'I do' must change to 'Let's do it together'. It is as if you have to choose between you and the other. But the truth about you lies in the middle. Don't fight with your partner, try to understand his point of view. Be free and cheerful in your joint struggle for daily existence.

Part of Fortune in house 4

With Part of Fortune in house 4 of your horoscope, you achieve happiness by taking care of people and/or animals, keeping them safe and nurturing them. In everything you undertake, you put your feelings. You are happiest in a job as a nurse or caregiver or in a profession where you work with animals. But you also like to be busy with plants. You definitely need a sense of security. That is something you hold in high regard. That is why that savings account is so important to you, as a ray of hope.

Vesta in the astrological houses

Vesta in the houses of the horoscope gives you insight into those areas of your life where you show total dedication, but can also point to those areas where you place limitations on yourself.

Vesta in house 2

With Vesta in house 2 of your horoscope, financial resources take centre stage. You want to own money or goods and therefore you handle money wisely. However, Vesta's devotion can also fuel unhealthy possessiveness originating from frustrations related to money and property. 

House Cusps

House 1 or your Ascendant

The Ascendant is the sign that rises on the Eastern horizon at your birth and determines how you show yourself to the outside world. The Ascendant also denotes your physical constitution. The planet ruling the sign of the Ascendant is considered one of the principal ruling planets of the horoscope.

Ascendant in Aquarius

With your Ascendant placed in Aquarius you have a friendly nature and you can quickly transfer this positive attitude to others. With your Aquarius inclination you respect the freedom of others and you are also very tolerant, all kinds of people can knock at your door. You have a very curious nature and your powers of observation are highly developed. You are very fond of your personal freedom and will not tolerate anyone who tries to limit you. You often feel like an outsider in your life and this makes you observe your surroundings all the more. Because of this observation capacity, you are able to guide people well and it is therefore not strange that you might have to manage or at least take the lead in groups.

What will sometimes make those around you run up the walls is your enormous stubbornness. The fact that you often want to impose your opinions on others will not be appreciated either. It is also striking that you often see the big picture, for which everyone admires you, but on the other hand it can happen that you fail to see the personal problems of people around you. 

Aries on House Cusp 2

With Aries on House Cusp 2 you find it difficult to handle money. Money is earned very fast and also quickly spent. This causes the necessary troubles and discussions in your relation. This situation gets worse as you earn more money. You make tremendous efforts to acquire a place on a financial level. You must keep your independence in your relation. You try to settle your financial matters and take care of your own revenues. In this respect independence on financial level is primordial. You consider your relation as it were your own property. You try to control this property. You know flickers of jealousy. You do not feel loved enough. You fight for your property. There is much sensuality in your love life. You have to feel and to conquer the love relation. On a financial and sexual level you want to go through at any cost.

Taurus on House Cusp 3

You like solid truths and will not be so quick to come up with your truth. You choose your words carefully. You are very tenacious and will not change your mind about anything easily. You have a certain stubbornness. You take the path of least resistance in your everyday life. You try to avoid conflicts and prefer to leave things as they are. You do not consider it necessary to create unnecessary unrest. In your thinking you are very artistically oriented.

Gemini on House Cusp 4

Your parental home was very variable. It was always busy and there were always people around. It was not always easy to find peace and security. You may have moved around a lot in your youth and in later life you find it hard to settle down in one place. Changes and modifications are frequent in the area of living. For some, this state means that they are constantly shuttling between two houses. There is a lot of communication with the family and the environment but there is always a lot of unrest. There is a chance that your place of residence will be determined by brothers or sisters or that you will live in their vicinity.

Gemini on House Cusp 5

With Gemini on House Cusp 5 you approach love and romance in a down-to-earth and practical way. You are playful in romantic matters and there is a lot of talk. The man or woman you want to conquer needs to be communicatively strong to win you over. You need to be convinced and your love partner should be someone you can have a smooth and interesting conversation with. You are attracted to sensible people because the other person's mental capacity determines whether you like them or not. You often have strong doubts about your relationship and there is a chance that you will end up in two relationships. You experience the relationship with your children mainly on a mental level. You are not an affectionate, cuddly parent. Communication comes first in your dealings with them. This state indicates that you may have several children in your life. You love to move and need to get out and about every now and then to feel good. Walking in nature is good for you.

Cancer on House Cusp 6

In your work, you adopt a family attitude which encourages you to take care of your employees. There is a very strong emotional involvement with the people you work with. You put a lot of feeling and emotionality into your work. You like dealing with people or the public. The way in which you do your work sometimes changes. Depending on the mood you are in, you may or may not like your work. In terms of health, you have to take care of your digestion and pay special attention to your diet. Sometimes you have a tendency to worry and this can affect your stomach.

Leo on House Cusp 7

In love, you especially want to experience warmth and cordiality. You are as proud as a peacock when your companion walks by your side. For you, a relationship should mainly be fun. Moreover, you want to use all your creativity in this contact. You are not afraid to accuse the other person of being dictatorial, but isn't that your soft spot? Try to let go of the leadership once in a while, your (business) partner will thank you for it.

Libra on House Cusp 8

Sexuality and love go hand in hand for you. One is as crucial as the other, so you are lucky to find both in one partner. Moreover, you think it is important to make an effort to keep the flame burning in your relationship, and your partner certainly does not complain about that. Keep up the good work!

Scorpio on House Cusp 9

You have your own views on reality and stubbornly stick to them. You are characterised by your traditional view of life and you do everything you can to propagate the visions, values,... you have learned. There is almost no room for alternative points of view. In this life you will have to learn to be more open to other people's opinions.

Sagittarius on House Cusp 10

You are a restless soul who cannot stay in one place for long. So, a stable and consistent family life is not for you. Moreover, you always sleep with one eye open and this makes you extremely restless. After a while, it even becomes exhausting. Try to relax sometimes, not everything you do always has to have a practical purpose or use. Fortunately, you're an enthusiastic and sociable person, so you can certainly count on other people to help you take your mind off things.

Sagittarius on House Cusp 11

You're a real people's person. Your friends describe you as jovial, welcoming and popular. They are your favourite company. Moreover, you like to spend time with people who, like you, enjoy exchanging ideas. You are a real chatterbox, so your potential partner will always have a listening ear. But just listening is not enough; in a relationship, you need to be able to explore together.

Capricorn on House Cusp 12

You have the feeling that you do not quite belong. It seems as if no one understands you and your feelings. You are very ambitious, but because of external opposition you cannot realise everything you would like to. This frustrates you enormously. Consequently, you do not feel accepted by the social norm and you tend to isolate yourself from society. Fortunately, you find a partner who can mediate and who understands you completely.


Element Fire

The element of fire is the energizing, vitalising core within you that brings you to life. It is a masculine element and stands for enthusiasm, dynamism, and spontaneity.

Many planets in Fire signs

You cherish many goals for the future and you are always looking for adventure. People with a lot of fire in the horoscope are born leaders. You like to take initiative and break the status quo. Because of your radical way of acting, you go through big changes in your life. You like to speak, but do not have the patience to listen. Your weakness lies in the fact that you are sometimes too hasty and that you pursue your goals without much consideration for others.

Element Earth

This element makes you look at material values and the material world. It is a feminine element and stands for reliability, sensuality, practical sense and stability. The element Earth stands for the colour yellow, autumn, west and evening.

Many planets in Earth signs

A typical Earth person approaches the world from the tangible reality and looks at things concretely and businesslike. People like you with a lot of Earth can empathize with other people's needs, which they also want to meet in a practical way. You have great stamina and love to work in a methodological way. As an Earth type you have high ideals, you are self-aware and generally very reasonable. Sometimes you are stubborn. If you deter others from doing so, you can manage on their own. Earth people tend to worry too much. A dominant type of earth stands with both feet on the ground, loves structure, likes to plant, needs certainty and can be a real perfectionist.

Element Air

The Air Element stands for the colour blue, the spring, the east and the morning. Through air and breath everyone is in contact, so this element certainly contains a communication facet. The air also produces the vibrations that enable us to communicate. In this way, what takes place in the finer layers of our being, namely thinking, can be expressed. The air element is a male element and stands for communication, talking, writing, thinking, the intellect, ideas, and so on.

Few planets in Air signs

The air element is not prominent in your horoscope. This can make it difficult to communicate, to build up a circle of acquaintances and a circle of relationships. This position is also not favourable for theoretical studies. Whatever the study choice may be, it is better to choose a form where a lot of time and attention is given to practical application. If the child has problems understanding a certain piece of subject matter, the best result will be obtained by showing it in an example, in an application. You lack objectivity. Moreover, the few air signs in your horoscope elevate you to a person of ideas, but courage and a sense of reality are often lost. It is not always easy for you to weigh up the pros and cons in a logical way.

Element Water

The Water element stands for the colour green, winter, north and night. Water is said to attack the strongest rocks, it also makes everything soft and fertile. At the same time, it washes away. Water is a feminine element and stands for emotion, care, safety, care and comfort.

Few planets in Water signs

You are an unemotional being and you seldom let your emotions speak. You shouldn't think about losing your cool in front of other people or bursting into tears. Sometimes you lack compassion in human contacts. Allow your own feelings and those of others into your life.

Aspects between planets

Sun conjunct Mercury

With this aspect, you can lean on a very great mental strength that always makes you sure of what you want. You have very strong communication skills, of which you are proud. However, you are not a good listener because you are always thinking about what you are about to say next yourself. In your studies, too, you get your knowledge from books, because listening to a teacher will not go down well with you. In general, you have difficulty passively absorbing information and need to take up a more active role regarding communication. You have very well-defined opinions with sometimes surprising angles, but you are also easily disappointed and even hurt if your opinions are not heard.

Sun square Uranus

Your individuality and personality are determined by your personal freedom and if something or someone forces something on you, you will meet that with resistance. You are a dynamic person who questions tradition, but ironically likes to live by certain rules. With the Sun square Uranus, there will be a oscillation between your need to be original and also to feel somewhat like the odd one out in a group. If this aspect manifests in a negative way, it is possible that you are very nervous and that you have trouble with fixed routines, so a steady job will be very difficult to maintain. So it is best to work according to your own schedule, as a business owner or a freelancer. It will be necessary for you to find a job that you can pour your heart and soul into, otherwise you will soon be bored and frustrated. You will have to learn that structure is necessary and that it is not always appropriate to rebel against it.

Sun opposite Neptune

In this world, you want to be a special person who desires more than the ordinary. You are a dreamer, an idealist and you have an unbridled trust in others, which can sometimes lead you to strange situations. You will have trouble understanding yourself and may end up in the strangest places trying to get to know yourself better. It is also possible that you will be led by unusual desires and bad habits, such as adultery, drugs and other forms of escapism. It is possible for people with this aspect to live far from reality, but mostly they are simply daydreamers hoping for ‘something more’. You are very sensitive to the mental wounds you receive in this life and this can create a craving for forms of escapism, so beware if this aspect presents itself in your birth chart.

Moon trine Mercury

This is a harmonious aspect between the Moon and Mercury and this ensures that you can easily start conversations and are genuinely interested in what is going on around you. You have good common sense and because you are good with emotions, you can help others with their problems. You are an attentive listener and are not quick to judge others. You are strongly attracted to the written word and can be absorbed in fascinating stories, and you have a talent for writing or speaking yourself.

Moon Opposite Mars

You are known as courageous and fearless, but in fact you are not as sure of yourself as you would like to appear. You can be very defensive and find it hard to cope with emotional scars. However, Moon opposite Mars provides you with a lot of passion and you can't sit still, which can put you in awkward situations. You will need to channel this restlessness in some way, such as a competitive work life or active sports. You are very blunt in your approach to others and this can sometimes turn against you. You may also need to temper your impatience so as not to offend others. If you are frustrated, you can be difficult to live with. You will have to recognise these characteristics of yourself in order to find inner peace.

Moon conjunct Saturn

You have a sensitive personality that contributes to your internal defence mechanism to avoid getting hurt. Others often consider you as an unemotional robot, when in fact you are very aware of your emotions and vulnerability. With the Moon conjunct Saturn at your time of birth, you will have to learn to tear your wall down and give others a chance to get to know you better. Regarding your career, your professionalism can contribute to your success and your sense of responsibility is highly developed. You will have to learn not to take yourself too seriously and to develop a sense of humour and perspective, otherwise you may end up with a rather pessimistic view on life. It is important for you to deal with your fear of emotions and to be able to compartmentalize them. You also need to step up your game in interacting with people, otherwise you risk becoming isolated and feeling lonely, even when your surrounded with individuals.

Mercury square Uranus

You have an active and quick mind, but you are also very nervous and restless and sometimes even a bit arrogant. Mercury square Uranus has given you some strange ideas and the conviction that your personal freedom is sacred. Because of your restlessness, you often find it difficult to concentrate on one particular activity and your professional life has to be very varied in order for you to stay interested. You are very opinionated and don’t hesitate to defend your beliefs to anyone who questions or tries to undermine them. You must be careful not to make hasty and impulsive decisions in life. You are at your best in an active, fast-paced environment.

Venus inconjunct Neptune

Venus inconjunct Neptune causes you to have a very romantic nature, sometimes even too romantic! You idealise love and this can go as far as forgiving your partner for things others would take more seriously, or perhaps you just don’t care about things like adultery or dishonesty. You will have to protect yourself from disillusionment within relationships, but most likely, your dream image will be shattered, one way or another. For example, you may be holding on to infatuations for a long time in which the other person gives you no affection in return, or you may be holding on to relationships that have not been worth having for a long time. Your relationships can be extreme in this way and can contain certain forms of abuse, which is definitely not okay, please remember that. When it comes to financial matters, you fail to recognize problems. You are often too optimistic about the future prospects, which can lead to disillusionment and disappointment.

Mars opposite Jupiter

Mars opposite Jupiter is not an easy aspect and indicates impatience, the loss of concentration and a sense of conflict in your home and professional environment. Nevertheless, you are energetic and can face any challenge that is thrown at you. However, you will have to be very disciplined in order to meet everyone’s expectations, otherwise your energy will be spread too thinly. The biggest struggle you will experience is your restlessness and impatience. You always look for immediate results, but you will have to learn that good things take time. This will get better as you get older, but try to fix this flaw while you’re still young. Your organizational skills aren’t the best, that’s why you lose a lot of energy in your efforts towards achieving your goals. On the career front, you will do well as an actor, lawyer, presenter, teacher and also in sports. You will learn a lot from your professional mistakes in life.

Mars opposite Saturn

If you are born under Mars opposite Saturn, you are probably a born perfectionist who wants everything to be done according to a standard that only you can devise. What you are really looking for is a stable foundation to base your emotional and psychological values on. You are afraid of new experiences, simply because you believe that things should be thought through first and that you should not rush into anything. You will work hard in your life to achieve your goals, but even then you don’t always feel satisfied. Sometimes your efforts don’t pay off, that’s just the way it is, but that’s a hard lesson for you to learn. You feel like there’s no one in your corner to help solve your problems, but luckily you possess a strong willpower that can get you through any challenge and the most difficult times.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn

With this aspect, you will want to make progress through hard and sustained work. If you have a particular goal in mind, then you will pursue it with great willpower and determination, thanks to Jupiter conjunct Saturn. You will always temper your dreams and expectations with your realistic and practical considerations. You like to achieve your goals in a disciplined and thorough manner, and you don't mind if this takes a bit longer than anticipated. However, you will have to learn to be optimistic from time to time, because you can hold yourself back by your expectations always being too low. You work best alone, because then you can determine your own rhythm.

Jupiter squares Neptune

You are very artistic and talented, but still need some discipline if you really want to do something with those qualities. Also, you can be rather careless with your possessions. You have a lot to learn when it comes to financial matters, you make too much speculations about stuff you don’t know anything about.

Jupiter inconjunct Pluto

You must learn to have more faith in yourself, even if life breaks you down. You are a bit moody because of that, as you tend to have too much self-confidence to a complete lack of it. The truth lies somewhere in between.

Neptune sextile Pluto

You belong to a generation that is capable of making huge social changes. You will be able to see improvements in the governmental model up close. Human rights will also need to be reviewed with Neptune sextile Pluto. Furthermore, spirituality and occult matters play an important role in your life. Some of your contemporaries may choose to leave the system as you know it.

Neptune trine Chiron

Your everyday life is strongly intertwined with the world of dreams, fantasy and imagination. You can deeply feel the pain of others and suffer together with them. Meditation techniques may bring you great prove themselves worthy of your time.

Pluto opposite Chiron

You are likely to be hurt by powerful people, or abused in some way (e.g. sexually). Negative memories make you develop feelings of jealousy, hatred or envy, which can seriously hamper your progress and happiness. Try to find a way out of these emotions, possibly in the form of counselling or trauma therapy. The energy of Pluto opposite Chiron is strong, but not insurmountable.

Use this knowledge to make your life the best it can be.

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