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Name:George Clooney

Birth Date: May 6, 1961

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Solar Return Horoscope

Every birthday heralds a rebirth and from this moment, when the Sun comes exactly on your birth Sun, a new horoscope can be drawn, the so-called annual or solar horoscope. This solar return horoscope shows the different stages/periods for the year to come. What is the current situation in your life and what is the result of the current situation for the next year? In a solar return horoscope you can see how certain events occur, which play an important role in that next year of life.

Solar Sun in House 12

With Solar Sun placed in House 12, a year of contemplation, reflection and introspection is ushered in. In this way, you are able to turn knowledge and insights into a personal asset. Your penchant for spirituality is fueled during this period or you are more inclined to withdraw from the outside world than usual. Furthermore, the Solar Sun in House 12 points to things that are being kept secret from you or to people who are not completely honest with you. With regard to health issues, a visit to the doctor or hospital may occur with the Solar Sun in House 12, so that a treatment for the ailment may be initiated. Your body gets rid of toxins better now. A detox cure is recommended.

Solar Moon in House 7

During this year, when the Solar Moon is placed in House 7, intimate and emotional commitments and relationships come to the surface. You experience emotional security and safety with your loved one. However, existing relationships are subject to change. This does not have to imply that your relationship won’t survive this year, on the contrary. Your relationship will deepen in the next year, if the demands of this year are met. Your partner may need some financial, emotional or other support. Or you may need to take care of a family member. The Moon stands for emotions, which clearly indicates that you let your feelings speak in relationship and business matters. On the one hand, you are rather prejudiced and subjective in life this year, but on the other hand, your intuition is stimulated. If there are problems in the relationship, a relationship therapist can help you and your partner. Finally, there is a real chance that you will engage with a woman in business or that you will have more contacts with women in general this year.

Solar Mercury in House 12

With Solar Mercury in House 12, you may find it harder to express yourself this year. You have the feeling that nobody understands you. If you say things, they are often not well understood. Your intuition improves this year. You sense a lot. This year, with Solar Mercury in House 12, you are interested in mysticism, poetry, literature, singing and music. You like to retreat while then studying your favourite topics. With the placement of Solar Mercury in House 12, you may receive certain inspirations and experience contacts with celestial hierarchies or angels.

Solar Venus in House 2

In the coming year, you can expect financial benefits. You will be able to enjoy financial protection and become more financially secure. It is also possible that your partner will get a raise or a promotion. Right now you are enjoying money, possessions and comfort to the full. This year, you will be happy to spend a good deal on luxury and comfort. But be careful not to be wasteful. With art, beauty and care, you can once again generate extra income. With investments, you will usually get a good return this year. Thanks to your circle of acquaintances and friends, you are now enjoying certain privileges. Solar Venus in House 2 is also an indication that you are becoming more aware of your talents. Try to develop them.

Solar Mars in House 3

With Solar Mars in House 3, you put your boundless energy into debates, discussions, and arguments this year. Although you just want to argue and express your opinion, this behavior is now often considered aggressive by the other person. You are so eager to be proved right, but if someone wants to change your opinion, this will meet with strong resistance. In conversations with others, try to pay attention to the tone you use the upcoming year. With Solar Mars in House 3, you are more likely to be aggressive and defensive in your communication now. Be careful not to be too hard on people who are much more sensitive than yourself. This often leads to disturbed conversations that result in a lot of misunderstandings. Arguments with brothers, sisters, neighbours are possible. Everything in your life seems to be moving at lightning speed this year, and so it is. Try to slow down the pace. Finally, be careful when you move around from one place to another.

Solar Jupiter in House 12

This year, you are more inclined to leave the limelight. By withdrawing, you come to valuable spiritual and/or religious insights that remain with you throughout your life. You also take more care of the needy in this period. A sacrificial attitude characterises you. You are aware that you too are part of the whole. The better off you and your neighbour are, the better off we all are.

Solar Saturn in House 11

This year, you tend to distance yourself from your friends or the associations you are in. Or it may be the other way round: you tend to take more interest in clubs and associations, but you think that these activities do not benefit your social status. On the contrary, you have the impression that this commitment brings you a lot of responsibilities. You are more serious about friendships this year. Yet, among your acquaintances, you are known this year for your solid and reliable approach. During the course of this year, you will see your circle of friends become smaller. You can see it as a natural process, leaving those individuals who truly make your life richer. However, do not flee from friends simply because this commitment brings with it more responsibilities at this time. There are wise lessons to be learned this year... Your friends can help you with that part. 

Solar Uranus in House 12

With Solar Uranus in House 12 this year, you are interested in occult and mystical subjects, spirituality, meditation, the human spirit and nature. All this takes place behind the scenes. Your friends, family, parents, colleagues... have no idea of what you are up to on your own. Uranus also reveals things that were kept hidden from you. In this respect, secrets and revelations may come to light. Even friends or acquaintances who were not really that good with you are now revealed. Ultimately, the purpose of Uranus in House 12 is to make you more aware of your own shortcomings and those of others. When and in what situations have you perhaps not acted so fairly and sincerely? You are afraid to express a certain part of your personality because you suspect that those around you would disapprove it. This cosmic constellation already promises that you will learn to look yourself straight in the eye and that you are allowed to be there, even with your dark side.

Solar Neptune in House 11

Friends are important to you this year. This planetary position may also indicate that you tend to idealise your friends. Try to be more realistic. On the other hand, this aspect may also shine its light on the fact that you are now attracting people whom you can fully trust. Or it could be that these people enjoy your support, but do little in return. It is important to see clearly this year who belongs in your circle of friends and who does not. Finally, there is a good chance that you will be joining a particular mystical or spiritual association that will help you in your personal and spiritual development.

House 1 or your Ascendant

The Ascendant is the sign that rises on the Eastern horizon at your birth and determines how you show yourself to the outside world. The Ascendant also denotes your physical constitution. The planet ruling the sign of the Ascendant is considered one of the principal ruling planets of the horoscope.

Ascendant in Taurus

The sign on the Ascendant often betrays how people approach a new project and Taurus is by nature reluctant to change. You are therefore often stubborn and attached to stability and your perception of the world is a practical one. You evaluate your surroundings with your senses and draw your conclusions. There is no doubt that your personal safety is always your first concern. You are loyal to the people you love and you go through fire and water for them, as long as it does not harm you. You are very careful in what you do and your flexibility is not your strongest gift, but you radiate stability which others can appreciate in you.
You are very possessive in a relationship and have difficulty with break-ups so that you may stay with someone just to avoid losing them. You are not the jealous type, but the loyalty of your partner is very important and you can be hurt when the opposite is proven. You prefer a stable relationship where surprises are out of the question and which moves forward on the basis of common interests. You have refined taste and this is reflected in the way you dress: you like to buy brand clothes which are reliable and refined.

Gemini on House Cusp 2

You are financially savvy and have a sober mind when it comes to money. You see multiple opportunities to earn money. Often this state indicates that you have multiple incomes during your life. Money is a variable for you. You easily spend money at times. There is a possibility of intertwined financial interests with siblings. Inheritance issues may arise. You are most likely to earn money by entering a profession that offers intellectual challenges. You consider the knowledge you possess to be of great value in your life. Knowledge and study are very important to feel successful in life. Your dexterity allows you to control many things financially.

Cancer on House Cusp 3

You have a caring nature. You encourage and protect your brothers and sisters. You often worry about them and also about your neighbours and relatives. Your mind is very emotional and preoccupied. You are good at talking with people and are able to put yourself in their feelings. You are strong in communication but also good at listening to others. You always adapt to the circumstances. You often let yourself be overwhelmed by your emotions in your thinking, which causes you to lack sobriety. You let yourself be controlled too much by your feelings.

Leo on House Cusp 4

Subconsciously, you feel the need to create an active and creative atmosphere in your home. You can put a lot of warmth into this and you hope that your parents, partner and children will experience this in the same way. You feel maximum emotional security when you can take charge. You take a strong, leading position at family level and that is quite necessary. In your life, you will often notice that you are confronted with the past by your housemates.

Leo at House Cusp 5

More and more you feel the need to build an identity in which leadership and warmth are central. Sometimes this identity building is disturbed by disparaging comments from outside, but you don't let that get you down. Children enjoy your inspiring and encouraging nature. Don't let their occasional domineering and demanding behaviour get you down! Finally, in love, you are lucky to find a warm-blooded and sunny counterpart. Thus, with you as a leader figure, you are completely compatible.

Libra on House Cusp 6

Your work is your priority. You feel like a fish in the water in your professional environment. Your colleagues notice this because of your generosity and strong work ethic. Your relational and social life give way to your ambition. But you should watch out for signs of illness, as all that work can affect your immune system.

Scorpio on House Cusp 7

You are an enormously stable person who values loyalty. People are magically attracted to you simply because of the self-confidence you radiate. However, you are very picky about who deserves your love. You prefer the mysterious types, who can contribute something indescribable to your life. But that's not the right choice, because a relationship needs more than passionate attraction to last.

Sagittarius on House Cusp 8

In a relationship, you are looking for someone who is open to change. You like to have new experiences and to experiment. Also in the bedroom, where you strive for perfection. This can result in two situations: either you will have to deal with disappointment and adjust your expectations, or you will win the big ticket and find a partner who gives you everything you desire.

Capricorn on House Cusp 9

You are somewhat rigid in your communication and thinking. Although you get along well with everyone, you sometimes feel that you cannot share all your thoughts with others. They might be misinterpreted. You are afraid that some ideas go too hard against the social norm and therefore you are afraid to speak up, which can make you feel lonely sometimes.

Aquarius on House Cusp 10

You have a very warm personality and you protect the people you love. You also enjoy a warm home and can always fall back on a group of good friends and like-minded people. However, you also have a tendency to organise and control the lives of your housemates and this is not always appreciated. Finally, you seek out friendships in the workplace, but this is not always easy in a stressful environment.

Aquarius on House Cusp 11

Love is something you value enormously and you are very proud of that quality. In your eyes, there is nothing more important than loving and protecting someone. You therefore have a good relationship with everyone who is close to your heart. When the future does not turn out the way you had hoped, you feel restless inside. But that feeling soon ebbs away with the presence of a strong partner by your side.

Aries on House Cusp 12

You have a lot of aggression inside yourself. You are not always uttering this aggression. You bottle it up. It were better for you and your relation to utter your frustrations now and again. If you bottle up your aggression it remains inside you and one way or another this will end up in an explosion. You have tremendous outbursts of anger that can frighten you partner very much. You feel the necessity to be confirmed in your own life. You have a complex that gives you the feeling you can not follow your own road. Very much is staying inside yourself. You have a tendency to follow and to be guided. Your partner can play a part in this. You give up a part of this control to your partner. Your partner has insight, is strategically positioned and is capable of pulling the strings. All you have to do is to follow him/her.

Use this knowledge to make your year the best it can be.

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