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Astrology reveals much about our lives. Whether it's a relationship conflict, a recent career setback or decision, love problems, issues with your child or deciding which path to take, our reports will give you valuable insights. Discover the truth and gain much needed CLARITY about your life and the lives of those around you with one of these carefully prepared personal reports by expert astrologer Jhair Jamin. Choose from the following reports to help you to understand "the big picture."
  • PERSONAL PATH (try a free sample)

personal path (basic astrology report)

The revelations and confirmations that a personal path natal report brings will enable you to build confidence in who you are and who you can become. Understanding yourself is the first step to achievement and its impact on your life is transforming. What an advantage to know so much about yourself to be able to affect your life outcomes.

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life trends (forecast)

Who wouldn’t want to know what the future holds? Forecasting has been one of an astrologer's most important functions for thousands of years. Everyone wants to know what is to come, because it is that all important knowledge that gives YOU the power. The LifeTrends report does just that.

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relating potential (about all your relationships)

Every one of us has wondered if their relationships could be better. All could be made a lot more rewarding if you could "communicate" a little better- and what is revealed to you in a personal Relating Potential report could help – and in a lot less time.

If all of your relationships work perfectly today, and you are attracting the kind of people you want in your life, you don't need this report - unless of course you're buying it for someone else. The most important key to succeeding in life is how you relate to other people and how they relate to you.

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starmatch (compatibility)

There are reasons why you feel an attraction, romance or intimacy with certain people, and to understand this "chemistry" completely you need a Star Match report. This astrological compatibility report helps you compare two charts in order to better understand romantic relationships. If you are wondering if that certain person in your life is your true Soul Mate and if you are truly compatible emotionally, mentally and sexually order this report today.

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journey careers

A personal Career report is a necessary first step in the right direction- it will take you to the place you want to be. Your natal chart holds a goldmine of information about you, including what natural talents you might display and what type of job, career, or vocation would be most satisfying and rewarding to you. Your unique Career report will organize this information to show you your best work environment, how to apply energy to your career and above all how to succeed, both financially and spiritually, so you can stay one step ahead of the game.

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just for women

Women view the world from a different perspective then men. Due to the unique responsibilities and pressures on women in today’s world, it is important to give the proper view and guidance that only women can appreciate. As a woman, you face the challenge of discovering yourself within the context of many life experiences. See how a "just for women" report can improve your life experiences and help you- and the others in your life- to understand and appreciate the way that you as a woman respond to your surroundings.

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past lives

How familiar are you with your possible past lives? Have you ever thought to yourself "I have been here before" "I know this person from somewhere else"? Do you display talents or skills for which you have really had no training? There’s an explanation.

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kid zone

Your child is special!

Being a parent in today’s world can be challenging at best. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to get a customized astrology report that could help with raising your children based on their specific needs? Your child depends on you and your knowledge to blossom, and when you truly understand your child you will have more tools to help in their development. This will enable them to grow to be happy, fulfilled and healthy. If you are a concerned parent that wants the best for their child, then you should read more about our customized kid zone Astrology report.

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